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Involvement and Participation


Patient Focus & Public Involvement - In December 2000, Our National Health: A plan for action, a plan for change was launched. The plan outlined how we proposed to improve the health of the people in Scotland, deliver high-quality health and social care services, and address inequalities in health more effectively.

eLibrary NHS Get Involved - It’s vital NHS Scotland meets the needs and wishes of people receiving care and treatment. To do this, we seek out the views of local communities, patients and carers. And it’s why we need to keep people informed and involved in developments.

Patient Focus and Public Involvement - Further reading available from Scottish Government Health Directorate Publications published on SHOW.

Participation Toolkit - The Scottish Health Council's Participation Toolkit describes 29 practical approaches for involving people in the design and delivery of services, and includes many helpful tips. It contains both tried-and-tested tools as well as more innovative methods. The Scottish Health Council website also contains a database of case studies showing how these tools have been used in practice in real situations across Scotland.